Invaluable service for software developers

The right keyword relevancy in your PAD descriptions is very important when it comes to promoting your programs on the Internet. Good keyword selection will help you increase your program ranking in search engines and software archives.

The service will help you optimize descriptions in your software PAD file for better ranking of your programs in software archives and search engines. To estimate the keywords relevancy, you should enter your PAD file and several keywords. The service will search the PADs database (about 30,000 PAD files) for these keywords using different search combinations (keywords + description, title + description, etc.). As a result you will be given a table that will let you know the position your program will take when searched by a particular keyword and in case search algorithm uses a particular combination of descriptions from the PAD-file (Char_Desc_45, Char_Desc_80, Char_Desc_250, Char_Desc_450, Char_Desc_2000, Title, Keywords, Descriptions+title+keywords, Descriptions, Descriptions (2), Descriptions+keywords, Descriptions+title, Descriptions+keywords+title+company).

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